January 21, 2020

Is The Retreat the right drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre for me?

Is The Retreat the right drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre for me?

We provide an immersive, supportive, 30-day intensive rehabilitation program modelled on The Retreat USA. Our primary goal at our drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre is enabling our clients to understand and practice the power of the 12-Step program of Alcoholics Anonymous. Our alcohol and drug rehabilitation services are grounded within the most famous and successful rehabilitation programme on the planet.

Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation NZ – The Retreat welcomes everyone.

Research into the principles of Alcoholics Anonymous shows that long-term recovery from alcoholism is determined by the person’s depth of engagement with the community associated with a rehabilitation centre.

It’s not the rehab and it’s not the staff, but it’s how well they become connected with our drug and alcohol rehabilitation support group that delivers them through a long term, quality recovery.

Environment & atmosphere at our drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre

The Retreat is one of the most well-regarded rehabilitation centres in New Zealand.

It is a sacred place that works in harmony with the 12 step programme. The seed of hope will be sown and you will flourish and grow. It is the start of the rest of your life. If you’re looking for a supportive learning environment with 24/7 immersion, our 30-day programme will be a signpost, providing direction down your new path of recovery.

Spirituality and Drug Rehabilitation NZ

A successful recovery and spiritual connection are deeply interlinked for a truly successful conclusion to our 30-day drug and alcohol rehabilitation Auckland-based programme. Alcoholics Anonymous’ 12-step principles address all aspects of addiction: the mind, body and soul. Exploring your own “spiritual” meaning to life doesn’t pertain to a single religion or religion at all. Your grounding in a higher power is what you make of it.

Substance Rehabilitation Therapy: Daily Routine

For the complete duration of the program, you will be fully immersed. Attend all components and apply complete concentration to see success in our alcohol and drug rehabilitation Auckland-based programme. From talks and presentations in both one-to-one and group occasions to individual reflection from within, everything you do will be for future betterment of yourself.




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