March 6, 2018


Here we answer some of your questions about The Retreat. Please contact us if you would like to know more.

What is The Retreat about?

The Retreat is a 12 step residential programme of recovery. You are called Guests in our house. You will be immersed in a programme that will educate you and change your lives. It will give you a new set of tools to help you to live a wonderful life if you work at it. Our staff and volunteers are passionate about the 12 steps and will guide you and work with you every step of the way.

How does The Retreat work?

The Retreat, a alcohol and drug recovery centre, is a sacred place that works in harmony with the 12 step programme. The seed of hope will be sown and you will flourish and grow. It is the start of the rest of your life.

The Retreat separates the guests from their drinking or addictive environment and surrounds them with like-minded people who are passionate about finding sobriety. It reinforces the idea that recovery is a “we” program. It introduces guests to fellow alcoholics and addicts whose drinking and drug or other substance abuse problems have been solved and show guests precisely how to get sober. The Retreat is firmly grounded in the principles of 12 Step recovery. We help guests become aware of their condition, embrace honesty and take direction leading to not only abstinence but improved quality of life.

How many people will be at The Retreat when I am here?

The Retreat is a small intimate place. It is like your home away from home. We operate between 8 and 12 guests in primary care at one time. You get your own room so you can get some privacy and a space to call your own for your 30 day stay.

How long do people stay?

Your primary care at The Retreat is for 30 days. We also have options available for an extended stay.

How much does it cost?

$10,900 including GST. This includes accommodation, all meals, and of course The Retreat 30 day programme.

What are the admission requirements?

You must be at least 3 days sober off alcohol; and 7 days clean off “P”.  You must have completed a preregistration completed by a staff member on the phone or in person so we can gauge that you are coming to the right place for you. Importantly, you must have a willingness to change.

What family support is available?

We have a weekly support group for family which we call Family Group. It offers ongoing support after your loved one has left The Retreat.

Furthermore, we organise one-on-one meetings with our CEO for the families and loved ones to help find a solution to problems and concerns going on in their lives.  We are committed to helping families recover because families get sick too.

When is Family Group?

The family group is now held on Wednesday evenings at 7:30pm. (This was previously Sunday morning at 10am.)

Structured Intervention, Clinical Diagnosis and Clinical Therapy:

While the Retreat does not offer these services directly, we can put you in touch with our clinical colleagues who can undertake the following:

  • Structured Intervention
  • Clinical Diagnosis
  • Clinical Therapy.

This takes place off-site and is not directly under the auspices of The Retreat. Just ask our staff to refer you to our clinical colleagues.

What is an alcohol and drug detox clinic?

An alcohol and drug detox clinic is quite different from a residential rehab centre like The Retreat NZ.

A detox clinic is a medical facility, staffed by trained doctors and nurses that are trained in managing withdrawal symptoms.

Not all patients need to use a detox clinic

Some withdrawals, such as that from an alcohol detox, can be life-threatening. Depending on the substance and level of dependency, a medical detox treatment may also be required. A drug detox can be varied and have different symptoms.

The Retreat NZ is not an alcohol and drug detox clinic but we can refer you to private detox facilities.

The Retreat NZ Difference

Their time and experiences of their own journey to recovery.

They are there because they have been through alcohol and drug addiction themselves and they want to bring about change through community and the 12 step programme.

What should I look for when choosing a alcohol and drug rehabilitation centre?

It is extremely important that, when selecting a alcohol and drug rehabilitation centre and programme, you ask questions to find one able to help you reach your rehab goals. Before you do that, you have to be ready and willing to make the change in your life.

Define what a successful residential rehab experience looks like to you.

Would completing an alcohol and substance recovery programme, and remaining sober for 30 days be a success? 6 months? How about a year?

Making a connection to the right program will make it much more likely that you complete the program successfully, and maintain your sobriety after you return to your life.

Is The Retreat the right alcohol and drug rehabilitation facility for me?

Our alcohol and drug rehabilitation centre provides an immersive, supportive, 30-day intensive rehabilitation program modelled on The Retreat USA. Our primary goal is enabling our guests to understand and practice the power of the 12-Step program of Alcoholics and Narcotics Anonymous. Our alcohol and drug rehabilitation programme are grounded within the most famous and successful rehabilitation programme on the planet.

How do we assist with Alcohol and Drug Relapse Prevention?

When you leave The Retreat, you’ll have an alcohol and drug relapse prevention plan that’s been developed with you in mind, to cover the period after our programme’s conclusion.

Any more questions?

We want to make sure that you will not only find success but enjoy your stay at The Retreat’s residential alcohol and drug rehabilitation programme. Give us a call – we’re completely transparent and happy to answer any questions you may have.


However, Recovery Resources offers all of the above.

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