September 29, 2020

Drink Driving Interventions Programme

This programme is designed for recidivist drink drivers who have recognised that they need to change their thinking and their behaviour so that they do not endanger the wider community.   It is a 16-week programme that incorporates the 30-day residential primary care programme, followed by either the 12 week evening programme or a 12 week residential sober living programme, complemented by weekly counselling sessions.    

In our experience, if someone is a recidivist drink driver, that will not be the only thing that is impacting negatively in their lives – there will almost certainly be problems in other areas of their lives.   You may have heard the saying “If nothing changes, then nothing changes”.   The Retreat’s supportive and educational approach teaches the essentials of recovery established in the Twelve Steps. By applying these spiritual practices, participants develop an understanding of the effects of alcohol in their lives and begin the process of recovery.

This programme is ideal for:

  • Participants who have had enough and want to change their life – those seeking guidance and support after a recidivist drink driving history
  • Participants who want to prove that they are serious about making change in their drink driving history
  • Participants who need progress reports for their lawyers and/our courts to show their progress


Participants must be willing to embrace sobriety and understand that this is an abstinence based programme.


Delivered in a safe and supportive environment, participants will learn the skills necessary for long-term and sustained recovery.   Participants will:

  • Learn about the disease
  • Receive in-depth exposure to the “design for living” outlined in the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous
  • Learn the necessary elements for a solid foundation of recovery
  • Establish a network of support
  • Learn to integrate the principles of recovery into their daily lives
  • Gain insights into their own thoughts and behaviours regarding problems with alcohol 
  • Experience peer integration and support that fosters the accountability necessary in early recovery


What Now…………….    You need to contact us to complete a pre-registration.   We are not interested in having you on our programme if you are not serious about making change.    This programme is for people who want it, not just for people who need it.

You would attend the residential primary care programme for 30 days and then transition to either:

  • Participation in the evening programme where you attend a group for two hours each week over a 12-week period. During this time you would have some “homework” to do over and above attendance at the group each week, which includes weekly counselling sessions, attendance at AA meetings and completing written exercises


  • Participation in our residential sober living programme where you live in our sober house and attend groups during the day and meetings at night.   

The cost for the 30 day primary care programme is $11,960.  In addition, you choose one of the following 12 week options:

  • The cost for the non-residential 12-week programme is $6,000.   This includes the current evening programme and weekly counselling sessions.


  • The costs for the residential 12-week sober living programme is $7,560.   This includes all accommodation and food costs, programme work and weekly counselling sessions.

All fees must be paid in full in advance and are non-refundable except on compassionate grounds.    If you drink during the 16-week programme you will be automatically discharged and no refund will be given.

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