January 21, 2020

How do we assist with Alcohol and Drug Relapse Prevention?

How do we assist with Alcohol and Drug Relapse Prevention?

Experience shows that with the Guests that have previously walked down the path to recovery you now find yourself on, the familiar desire to use drugs or drink can reappear quickly. We feel that the key to alcohol and drug relapse prevention is to continuously engage with the recovery community. This could take shape in the form of an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, of which there are many all over New Zealand at a time and place that suits you.

How does our drug alcohol and drug relapse prevention plan works?

Most guests will be ready to return home after graduating from our program. Long term relapse prevention relies upon integrating the guiding principles and teachings learned. Transitioning back into everyday life can be difficult; leaving an environment of 24/7 immersion for the real world is a challenge. An effective method of relapse prevention is by attending and engaging with your local Alcoholics Anonymous meeting.

When you leave The Retreat, you’ll have a prevention plan that’s been developed with you in mind, to cover the period after our programme’s conclusion.

Is there Family Support for ongoing relapse prevention?

It is important to us that the people that surround you have a safe space where they can find guidance if needed. We have a weekly support group for an addict’s family which we call Family Group. It offers ongoing drug and alcohol relapse prevention support after your loved one has left The Retreat.

Furthermore, we organise one-on-one meetings with our CEO for the families and loved ones to help find a solution to problems and concerns going on in their lives.  The afflictions of addiction harm an addict’s family too – so when there’s an opportunity to provide guidance to family about a drug relapse or an alcohol relapse, we like to take it.




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