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"Thanks to my family for calling The Retreat and arranging my stay. I am now sober and I have come to realize just how much pain I was inflicting on those who loved me the most. I don't know where I'd be without everyone at The Retreat."

— Eddie

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The Retreat Works with Families

Don't let Alcohol and Drugs put your family under siege. Here at The Retreat we know just how much damage substance abuse inflicts on not just those who drink but their friends and loved ones. Working with families has proven to be effective for The Retreat and our Guests. To this end, we run regular family workshops, where you can come to learn, share and meet others. People who are at all stages of their recovery share their story and help guide the transition from treatment to home.

"As I write this I have been clean for just over 6 months. I have completed the 12 steps and I have experienced a complete transformation in my life."

— William

The Retreat

The Retreat Model was developed in 1998 and has shown increasingly positive outcome rates which now exceed traditional treatment at a quarter of the cost. The Retreat's 30-day residential programme, followed by voluntary extended sober living, works by a simple approach that:

Separates the guests from their environment

Surrounds them with like-minded individuals who are passionate about recovery, constantly re-enforcing the idea that recovery is a 'we' programme

Introduces the guests to fellow people whose alcohol or drug related problems have been solved, which show our guests how to live healthy, happy lives free from their condition

The Retreat is firmly grounded in the principles of 12-Step recovery. We help guests become aware of their condition, embrace honesty and take direction leading to not only abstinence but improved quality of life.

Our guests are treated with dignity and respect, and is the most affordable private residential care in New Zealand. If alcohol or drugs are causing you or someone you love problems, seize the moment, call us and start to turn your life around.


You don't have to bear this burden alone.

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Our facilities are a home away from home

Our facilities are a home away from home

One of the keys to sobriety is a happy, healthy diet

One of the keys to sobriety is a happy, healthy diet

0800 276 237 is open 24/7, call now

0800 276 237 is open 24/7, call now