Alcohol and Drug

Did you know?

Facts about alcoholism and addiction:

They are a disease

Alcoholism or addiction is a disease. It isn’t necessarily about the quantity consumed, but the behaviour. The good news is it’s treatable.

It’s not about willpower

Telling a person dependent on alcohol or drugs to just “stop” won’t work. The abuse is typically a symptom of mental illness.

It’s not all about you

If you have a problem with abuse or dependency you may not even be aware just how much it impacts those who love you.

prescription drug abuse

The brain doesn’t know the difference between a doctor and a dealer. Prescription medication can be abused too.

The Retreat New Zealand
is an alcohol and drug rehabilitation facility.

What We Do

We provide a 30 day Retreat to wellness
Treatment for Alcoholism and Addiction

We welcome guests throughout the country into a safe and caring environment led by highly qualified professionals and volunteers whose drinking, drug or other substance abuse problem has been solved. Guests are introduced to a community of people with similar alcoholic or addiction experiences with whom they can relate. Through awareness and education the person sees the need for change and The Retreat shows them precisely the steps to take. Firmly grounded in the 12 Steps, our programme fosters honesty, integrity, accountability and change.

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  • Affordable

    We are a registered not-for-profit organisation.

  • Accessible

    We're located just 15 minutes from downtown Auckland.


    Our 12 Step based model has a proven record of recovery.


Our qualified and experienced staff provide exceptional care
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Roger Green

Roger is the founder of The Retreat New Zealand. He is also our associate to our sister company Recovery Resources.
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Jane is in recovery herself. She has worked extensively in corporate administration and brings a creative edge to her groups. Her passion is helping the suffering alcoholic and addict.
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Alcohol and Drugs Professional
First worked in community alcohol and drug services in London, UK. She is qualified as a British associate of Counselling & Psychotherapy after gaining a diploma in Gestalt Counselling. She also teaches yoga and meditation.
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Phil is our wonderful and much appreciated Chef. Phil’s ethos is around providing fresh and nutritious meals. He caters for all dietary requirements, from religious to vegan.
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Baz has been in recovery for over 16 years. He is passionate about helping other alcoholics achieve sobriety.


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